Digital Posters

Have a bank of posters you can control, change and deploy at a moments notice.

Digital Posters Vs Printed

Full screen posters can look just like their printed versions but have the huge advantage of being able to display many messages in the same space. We can also ensure screens are right for your specific environment.

A good example of this is our Bet Signage product – Every new client has screens in their window or shop with access to many posters and templates to choose from. The templates have a very simple text entry system which allows simple changes to be made scheduled and deployed quickly.

Deployment is based on channels of content – these could be country wide, region wide, per shop or even per screen. Deployment can also be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection and on any browser, there is no additional software or system requirement. There are also various options for uploading content.

Adding animation and video to static adverts can also bring screen content to life in a way print never could.

A digital poster can be an ideal solution for companies responsible for deploying content for their clients. It may even mean more work from the ability to provide a better and more responsive service. Our user interface allows you to add to and control what is shown – there is also a useful scheduler.

New ideas and applications are always welcome. We are currently looking at ways to control/interact with content and ways to integrate ‘big data’.

If you have an idea for your own screens you would like to discuss or have any questions over if our approach is right for your organisation, please give us a call on 01204 322922.

Digital Posters
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