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Office signage

Office Signage

Using digital signage in the workplace to replace traditional notice boards helps companies to engage and inform their staff on important issues.

It is very easy to manage and keep up to date with fresh content that is either created automatically using RSS feeds or else scheduled in advance.

Digital Menus

Our low cost media players are ideal where you need a simple image or image library on several screens and infrequent updates, digital menu boards typically will either show the same image or just a couple of images as the day moves from morning to afternoon to evening and the menus change. 

digital menu

Bet Signage

There is a Digital Signage revolution going on as more and more shops look for new ways to attract and engage customers. Research suggests that adoption will continue at an astronomical rate. 

digital newsboards

Digital Newsboards

This is one of our most adaptable solutions, it allows screens to reinforce the corporate brand and message whilst being able to communicate messages, images and information. The key to their success, and long term use, is they are appropriate to their environment and purpose.

Custom Design Services

The popularity of touch screen tablets and phones is undeniable, making this a very recognized and sometimes expected format. It is like moving from a large screen message or advert to user-controlled experience through interaction. 

If you have an idea for your own screens you would like to discuss or have any questions over if our approach is right for your organization, please give us a call on 01204 322922. 

Custom Design
digital posters

Digital Posters

Full screen posters can look just like their printed versions but have the huge advantage of being able to display many messages in the same space. We can also ensure screens are right for your specific environment.

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