Digital Newsboards

This is one of our most adaptable solutions, it allows screens to reinforce the corporate brand and message whilst being able to communicate messages, images and information. The key to their success, and long term use, is they are appropriate to their environment and purpose.


Another key is that you are delivered a finished product. From day one you have a professionally designed, branded screen with content and the ability to change, amend and add images and text through your own easy to use user interface.

Fresh Content

We have also introduced, where possible, changing data to keep content fresh and up to date. In other words we aim to make it a constant and relevant reference point – rather than just a slide show of images.


Offices, restaurants, fast food outlets, waiting room and trade shows are also ideal places for digital newsboards, where speed, update-ability, integrated TV and even live data integration make screens more useful than ever.

Digital Newsboards

It is no one’s intention to set up and forgot about their screen, which happens all too often. It is our approach to set up and develop uses for the screen. For example we have developed a simple user interface to allow you to make frequent changes easily, with out the need to understand setting up zones, playlists, layout, network or programming.

We have removed the need for a dedicated trained person, but kept the flexibility for change and adaptability through our support services.

One of our key project areas is within schools and care homes, this is an excellent product developed with the involvement of several schools and homes over several years. We have provided significant new features this year and will continue to do so. Continual developments obviously benefit not just schools and care homes but all our clients.

If you have an idea for your own screens you would like to discuss or have any questions over if our approach is right for your organization please give us a call on 01204 322922.

" The ‘On This Day’ and ‘Facts’ snippets are great to keep the screens looking fresh."