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We offer a bespoke signage solution ideal for touchscreens and wayfinding

The popularity of touch screen tablets and phones is undeniable, making this a very recognized and sometimes expected format. It is like moving from a large screen message or advert to user-controlled experience through interaction. 

Our large generic touch phone housing and format adds to this experience and recognition. Touch screens can often provide access to a world of information beyond the screen on the products and services or make a menu come to life with integrated video. Much of this information is already created on company websites, so we combine this with bricks and mortar retail to have the best of all worlds. 

It says a lot about an organisation which features a touch screen for customers or for showing content. Our adoption on mainstream TV has proven an ideal location for touch – presenters are able to interact with the screen and content live. 

If you have an idea for your own screens you would like to discuss or have any questions over if our approach is right for your organization, please give us a call on 01204 322922. 

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