Carrs Pasties

The Brief

Carrs Pasties aimed to revolutionize their bakery experience through a modern shop fitting endeavor. During our initial meeting, it became evident that they desired to infuse their bakery with a dynamic and contemporary ambiance.

The primary challenge was to incorporate digital menu boards that would enable Carrs to swiftly update their offerings, prices, and images using a user-friendly content management system. This implementation would not only provide them with cost savings by eliminating the need for frequent signage changes but also enhance their overall customer experience.

New Location

he Carrs family, born and bred in Bolton, opened their first shop back in 1938. The iconic Bolton bakery has grown significantly over the years and, the Carrs family have been creating their tasty home-baked pasties for three generations.

Due to their continued success, Carrs Pasties has since opened a further two establishments and has grown their business through partnering up with successful outside catering for events and parties.