Below are all the features offered by the Mysign CMS System, as the content is the most important aspect of your screen we offer several features that will update daily to keep your screens looking fresh.

Custom HTML

This facility allows you to display some custom content that has been created using HTML code, as this is an advanced feature you will need to contact the Mysign Team to discuss.


We have many option on how to display todays date along with the styling of the text.


Our database contains over 700 facts on many subjects, 10 new ones are downloaded every day

Google Calendar

Update your Google Calendar and link it to your screen, options on what parts show, how many and for how long are all selecatble along with text size and colour.

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Media Library Standard

Mixed media library that will play Webm and MP4 videos along with animated GIFS, static JPEG’s and transparent PNG’s, all content can be scheduled to come on and go off when required.

Media Library Grid

Upload images and let the system arrange them into a grid and then a slideshow, images can be scheduled to come on then off and the slideshow will automatically shuffle to accomodate. 

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On This Day

Over 700 historical events that are scheduled to show according to their date, the screen will show events for today and the next 3 days to cover weekends.

Picture in Picture

No need for additional hardware to display content from a Freeview, Sky or Virgin Media box in a Picture-in-Picture format with your digital signage all wrapped around it, you can actually use any device that has a HDMI output as the Picture-in-Picture source.

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Questions and Answers

Similar to the facts section but in a Q and A format.

RSS Feed

RSS News or Sports feeds that keep your viewers up to date with all the latest information, again you have full control over the text size and colour.

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We have a selection of templates that allow you to then add text on top to create your own posters with your own messages.

Text Messages

Create simple text messages and schedule them when to show.

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Text Library

The text library allows you to add text messages within a library to one or many screens, this is ideal to send messages across large estates.

Time (Analogue)

Display the time on an analogue clock, control the colour of the dial, hands etc and the size of the clock, as this is all done via vectar the clock will allways look sharp no matter what size you make it.

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Time (Digital)

Various time formats available and as always full control over the size and colour of the text.


This will display todays weather for your area, control the size of the weather icon along with the text.

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Weather Forecast

Display a 5 day weather forcast for your area and control the size and colour of the text.